Nomad Radio is the first Somali FM radio station in London and the UK.
The station broadcasts a mixture multi-lingual music, entertainment, news and issues affecting the Somali community in London and nationwide.
Our shows play a great mixture of music – Different Somali genres, Hip Hop, Funky, Dance, Garage & Grime and all hosted by a combination of great DJ’s/presenters.
Nomad Radios core audience are those mainly from the Somali community across the country but mainly in London. Nomad Radios mission is to inspire, entertain, educate and uplift the Somali community.

You can listen to Nomad Radio via

Online: www.nomadradio.co.uk
Radio: 92.2PM
APP: Nomad Radio app
For more information, please contact us on info@nomadradio.co.uk


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