Baar and Taz

Every Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00

Program Description

This show will feature in-depth discussions about parenthood, community and societal issues, social injustice within the health industry, employment and human rights amongst other important conversations. They will also be discussing relevant news impacting our community. Both presenters will use their experience to give us an insight as well as opening up the discussion to you. This show will shine a light on issues that don’t often receive a platform.

Catch Up

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  • Baar and Taz discuss motherhood and the somali concept of 40 day bax (afarton bax). The ladies discuss if aftarton bax still holds value or is a dated tradition.- 19/11/2019
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  • In this episode Baar & Taz discuss, sisterhood and the breakdown of Somali extended families. -26/11/19
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